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Inspired by the vintage tastes of classic India, Nuts 'n' Spices was founded on the 16th of June 1999. With over three generations of experience in business, we strive to continuously raise our benchmark by providing products of the highest quality and taste. Since our inception, we have 37 outlets in Chennai, Coimbatore, Puducherry & Tiruchirappalli and have established a wide reputation for our exceptional range of consumable products. In order to cater to our internet shoppers, we have started this e-commerce portal, through which customers can buy all their favorite Nuts 'n' Spices products and get it delivered to their home.

An extensive collection of almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, figs, dry and wet dates, walnuts and their combo adorn the colossal section of our world. Our in-house condiments consists of various spices, sambar powder, rasam powder, idli milagai, dhall powder [parupu podi] etc.

With health food shops being the preferred destination to satisfy your unique gesture of gifting your family with good health, Nuts 'n' Spices has always been keen to provide its customers with an exceptional variety of its irresistible, nutritious and healthy choice of fresh health food gift products.

Nuts 'n' Spices cater to the connoisseurs of fine food and drink. Without a doubt, the tantalizing taste of our huge assortment of chocolates and biscuits imported from every corner of the world will send your taste buds in a frenzy of spellbinding flavor.

Enjoy the rare exotic blends of fresh tea, sealed and packed in decorative boxes and native zardosi pouches, retaining the freshness when it reaches you. Along with an array of export quality Indian Tea, we carry the world's most exotic teas like Premium Black tea, Premium Green tea, Oolong tea, White tea & Pearl tea etc. If you are one who prefers to buy online, we have a collection of tea ready for sale on this website.

The classic tastes of Indian spices reside with us. With our widely acclaimed Madras curry powder, Nut Mace and Meg and an assortment of Indian spices available on this website, we are, without a doubt, your buy-all online shopping destination.

A perfect picture of contrast, our store is also hoarded with the low calorie chips, potato lacha and much more. We also have 100% lip smacking oil-free papads, mixtures and other diet snacks for the fitness freaks. Come and indulge in an ultimate shopping experience without the feeling of guilt!

If you are one who don't mind shopping on the internet, well, that's wonderful. Because now you can shop for Nuts 'n' Spices products online. Just browse through and buy tea, spices, chocolates, health foods etc. right here on this website.
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