Fruit 'N' Nut Hamper Jumbo - 5352g


(incl. of 12% GST)
  • Product Code: 931905

Contents : Selected Almond Kernels 300g, Cashewnuts 300g, Premium Raisins Natal 350g, Special Salt Pistachio 250g, Walnut Kernels 200g, Seedless Apricots 400g, Bold Figs 300g, Mabroom Dates 400g, Roasted 'n' Salted Almonds 300, Roasted 'n' Salted Cashewnuts 300g, Salt 'n' Sweet Dryfruit mixture 300g, Dry Amla 300g, Dried Mixed Fruits 250g, Dried Kiwi 200g, Pecan Nuts 100g, Hazel Nuts 100g, Macadamia Nuts 100g, Dried Blueberries 100g, Dried Whole Cranberries 100g, NNS Khajoor-e-Badam 100g, NNS sugar free Badam Milk Mix 100 g, NNS Mixed Seeds 100g, NNS Dry Fruit Chikki 200g, Saffron Sun Brand 2g, Indiska Magic Dates Delight 200g. Basket - WMM Square Jali + 12 Pet Bott. 

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